About Us

Monument Escrow is your one-stop solution for all your escrow requirements.  As an escrow holder, we prepare an escrow deed and safeguard all the legal documents and funds on behalf of the buyers and sellers. Once all the instructions given by the parties in the transaction deed are fulfilled in a timely manner, the funds and documents are distributed accordingly.  We understand how important this transaction if for and guarantee to close your transaction with extreme precision and security.

Your resources are safe with us' Thriving in the technology-driven commercial world, selling or purchasing a real property is a stressful process which could get worse in presence of deceptive people. This is why we have made it our principal obligation to create a client-friendly atmosphere and keep our client well-informed regarding every step of the escrow process.  We work diligently to bring security, reliability, accountability, and convenience to your real esta transactions.

The Escrow Process

The Lender

1. The lender deposits the loan money to the buyer.

2. Instructs the escrow company under which the circumstances the loan amount can be utilized.

The Escrow Holder

1. The escrow holder arranges for the title insurance.

2. Acquires all the necessary buyer's approvals on inspections and insurance reports. Gets the funds from the lender or buyer. Allocates the taxes, rent, insurance, etc.

Creates final statement for all the parties signifying the payout amounts for the escrow services and closing the escrow.

4.  Documentation of loan and deed and gives the loan papers to the lender, deed to buyer and funds to the seller.

5.  Finally, completes the escrow.

The Seller

1.  The seller gives the prepared deed to the buyer in the knowledge of the escrow company.

All the proofs of repair works and inspections like pest are to be deposited.

Other essential documents like tax proceeds, insurance policies, war-ranty papers of equipment, important addresses; all are to be deposited.

The Buyer

1. The buyer pays the purchase price by depositing all the required funds (including any loan amount) with the escrow company.

2.  Arranges the required funds for the title and home insurance and deposits with the escrow company.

3.  All the documents that are required for the getting loans have to be deposited.

4.  Gives consent to any insurance commitments and inspection reports that are mentioned compulsory in the agreements.

Execute all the conditions and instructions as mentioned in the escrow agreement.